• About Us

    Why Red Plaid?  Do you ever notice how you associate certain things with a smell?  I have always associated red plaid with the smell of wood and saw dust. When I was young, my grandfather would always where his red plaid jacket when it was time to cut-up and stack the firewood each year.

    The red plaid jacket became a symbol of hard work and working with your hands. A piece of comfort clothing for me once I was older and its always on when I’m working outside. In addition to hard work that my grandpa showed, I hope to add my own traits of honesty, quality and attention to details.

    I enjoy building and working with my hands.  I want to help others do what they love as well. That is how the HobbyLoft idea was born. The HobbyLoft is designed for those looking for a workshop, craftroom or an area where they can do just about anything. When you don’t need 4 bedrooms anymore but you have taken over the living room or the garage.

    I want to develop a space that works perfectly for your unique hobby or home business. That way we can both do what we love. So I’m going to throw on my Red Plaid jacket and get to work.


    Adam Arsenault

    Founder & CEO